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OILVEST is a product created for ROI REINVEST which means before an investor can benefit from this plan, he/she must have subscribed to any of our investment product plan listed below:

After subscribing to any of the above plans, customers will then benefit in our OILVEST ROI REINVEST where they benefit 70% return of investment, 35% upfront to be paid immediately and capital to be paid in 12 months while the remaining 35% balance of interest to be paid at the end of 24months of the investment period.

In other words, if a customer invests 100 million on Agrovest 14months plan, the customer gets 35% return (35,000,000), The 35million goes into OILVEST 24months investment @70% ROI (24,500,000) which 35% of the 70% is payable immediately (12,250,000) while the customer gets back 35million initial capital in 12months and balance of 35% of the 70% ROI (12,250,000) will be paid in 24months.


Customers get 70% return with breakdown explained above.

Customers are not entitled to postdated cheques on oilvest but deed of agreement.

Customers interested in OILVEST can only subscribe with their ROI from any of the above investment which will be converted to their OILVEST investment capital (i.e., customer cannot credit/pay directly for the product).